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Vanilla Flags

The addition of flags in Minecraft would allow for even more customization in your builds. Similar to banners, flags come in 16 colors and can be decorated with banner patterns. With this add-on you could have a red flag with an orange creeper face, a black flag with a blue globe - there are a huge number possible combinations!

How does it work?

Flags are crafted with six wool and three string in the pattern below:

*S = string, W = wool




Once you have obtained the flag, it can be placed on any type of fence. The fence must be two blocks tall and you will have to place the flag on the bottom block.

Using any banner pattern (expect the brick and vine patterns) you can interact with the flag to apply the pattern. This can be done by right-clicking the roped parts of the flag on the fence. Then you are able to dye the pattern any color by using dye, or you can remove the pattern with paper.

Similar to real life, you are unable to choose which direction the flags will fly. The direction will change throughout the day.

Screenshot (21).png

Installation Guide:

Once the pack is downloaded, click on the file and it will automatically import into Minecraft.

If you are on iOS:

Open the file with the Notes app, then from there you will be able to select "Open in Minecraft."

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