About The Server:

JEBR Gaming - The Server will start off as a small server with around six games and a free domain, but with your support the server will grow, which means more games, a bigger, better lobby, and more in-game options.

What is a server domain?

A server domain, or server address, is what players use to connect to online servers. While the server is in beta testing mode, it will not have a custom, simple domain. But with your support, that can change!

How can I support the server?

You can help and support the server by donating (Click the link at the bottom of this page) or by purchasing a rank. Ranks will give you special perks in the lobby and allow you to show off to other players. There will be multiple ranks with prices ranging from $5-15* USD.

How can I stay up-to-date with the servers progress?

You can follow @JEBR_Server and @JEBR_Gaming on Twitter to see everything that is happening with JEBR Gaming - The Server.

* Ranks are one time payments.


Why Should You Donate?

Donating helps support me in making more add-ons and other content! So if you enjoy what I make then you should consider donating!


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