Random Arcades

        Random Arcades includes 8 different minigames which are made for multiplayer. There are a lot of command blocks which have been added, and you don’t need any behavior or resource pack to make the games work. If you (and preferably a group of friends) are looking for something fun to play, then this map should definitely be in your list of options. Most games are primarily focused on PvP.

Created w/ MwalimuLC

You’ll spawn at the Arcades lobby. There you will find the settings for the games (e.g. reset button, credits info) and also a game selector.


  • Survival Games

  • Capture The Flag

  • Super Smash Mobs

  • Random Structures

  • PvP

  • Find The Button

  • Sumo Wrestlers

  • TNT Run / TNT PvP

  • SkyFall

  • Spleef

  • Thimble

  • Fish Battle


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