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Mob Morphing

Have you ever wanted to become a mob in Minecraft? This Addon gives you the ability to turn into, or morph, into any mob you want! To become a mob you have to spawn it or just find one already in the world, then bump it, and you will become that mob!

How Does it Work?

Bump into a mob to shapeshift. When you become a mob, the mob is actually riding you, but it looks as if you have become the mob.
You will also have to use this command to make you invisible: /effect @p invisibility 9999 1 true

At the moment there is no easy way to transform back into a human, but you could always use this command: /kill @e[type=!player,r=3]


Installation Guide:

Once the pack is downloaded, click on the file and it will automatically import into Minecraft.

If you are on iOS:

Open the file with the Notes app, then from there you will be able to select "Open in Minecraft."

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