Star Wars is one of the best movie sagas in the history of movies. So why not bring all the Star Wars goodness into Minecraft? This Add-on adds over 50 Lightsabers into the game! All of the Lightsabers have custom sound effects. Here is how to obtain them:

First you must find a Kyber Crystal, which can be found in the Nether. They can also be found in the creative inventory. Then once you have a Kyber Crystal, you must place down the Hilt Table, and use your crystal on the table. You will also have to then use an Iron Block on the table to create the hilts. Then you can cycle through the hilt choices and hit the table when you find the one that you like. Your Lightsaber will then be complete!

Note: The color of the lightsaber depends on the personality of the user. Find out the meanings of every Lightsaber color here


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