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Light Filters

This add-on allows for more customization in your worlds by adding colored light filters. In the Equipment section of the creative inventory you will find different colored light bulb items. By using one of these items (right-click/tap and hold), you can change the color of the environment, giving all the blocks around you a colored tint.


If you are someone who enjoys taking pictures in Minecraft then this add-on is for you, as it can add more life to your screenshots.




The Light Filter items are only obtainable in creative and there are no crafting recipes. This pack also does not work with RTX enabled.


Make sure to share your screenshots using this add-on to me by tagging me on Twitter @JEBR_Gaming!

Screenshot (17).png

Installation Guide:

Once the pack is downloaded, click on the file and it will automatically import into Minecraft.

If you are on iOS:

Open the file with the Notes app, then from there you will be able to select "Open in Minecraft."

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