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JEBR's Tweaks

Minecraft's textures are always being edited or changed, whether that's through texture packs or in new updates. There are some textures that in my opinion could be tweaked. If you are one that enjoys consistent coloring and textures then this pack is for you!

Here is a list of all the changes made in this resource pack:

  • Dye, candle, and bed items have the correct coloring.

  • Double slabs have the same middle indent as smooth stone slabs.

  • Observers have new side textures that display arrows pointing in the direction of the redstone output.

  • Cocoa beans have a correctly aligned top texture.

  • Melons have a new bottom texture.

  • Carved pumpkins and jack o' lanterns have new carved top textures.

  • The color of grey beds has been fixed.

  • Sticky pistons have unique side textures.

  • Water particles are no longer a bright blue color.

  • Spawn eggs have new textures (same as Fixed Spawn Eggs).

  • The health, hunger, and armor bars have updated textures, as well as the hotbar.

Screenshot (22).png

Installation Guide:

Once the pack is downloaded, click on the file and it will automatically import into Minecraft.

If you are on iOS:

Open the file with the Notes app, then from there you will be able to select "Open in Minecraft."

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