What is Expansion+?

Expansion+ is an add-on for Minecraft Bedrock Edition that expands your Minecraft experience completely! There are so many new blocks, items, mobs, biomes, structures... it just goes on and on!

Why are there no Cars in this add-on?

Expansion+ only adds features that seem like they belong in Minecraft and fit the game's theme. So there's no cars, planes, guns, or Area 51 in the add-on because just think, would Mojang really ever add those into Minecraft?

How do I suggest new features for Expansion+?

Do you have an amazing idea that you want to see come to life in Minecraft? Well you're in luck! You can suggest any of your ideas, no matter how big, small, weird, or boring they are! There are many ways of sending me ideas. You can tweet me (@JEBR_Gaming) or email me jebrgaming@gmail.com.

Expansion+ Biomes & Generated Structures

There are some new biomes and naturally generated (you find them, you don't have to build them) structures in Expansion+. There are only a few biomes so far, those being:

Snowy Mountains,


Magma Lands,

and the Midnight Plains.

There are also new generated structures:

Palm Trees (found on beaches),

Pirate Ships (found in oceans),

The Quest Master's House (found in... wait I can't tell you yet!)

When can I get Expansion+?

You can get Expansion+ now by clicking HERE! Just know that the current available version doesn't have all of the new features. But don't worry! I am working on finishing the update to this add-on so you can explore all the blocks, items, mobs, biomes, etc. that you want to! Make sure to follow me on Twitter to stay up to date on everything Expansion+ related!


Why Should You Donate?

Donating helps support me in making more add-ons and other content! So if you enjoy what I make then you should consider donating!


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