Minecraft is a cool game and all, but why waste your time on this while there are other better games such as Among Us and Fortnite?? If you think Minecraft is bad then this is the add-on for you! Not only does this add-on add nothing, but it is completely useless just like Minecraft!

Think the inventory is too confusing? Well you're in luck because we've removed it!

Don't think your skin is as cool as mine? Good, you're right. Because of this the player has been removed as well!

Do you think swimming is as lame as Minecraft? Well now you can not breath at all underwater. You're welcome.

Also because there's no player you cannot climb ladders or scaffolding.

There's much more (or should I say less) for you to explore in the add-on so go download it. Now.

Btw this is replacing Expansion+ because I decided to give up on that.

Download .McAddon

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