This Addon includes several new Easter decorations, mobs and even candy. It’s perfect in case that you want to get into the Easter spirit, or just want some variation for your game experience. For example, the Iron Golem is replaced by big Easter bunny and there are also 16 different Easter eggs which you can use as decorations in your world.

How Does it Work?

All of the new things replace some of the already existing mobs, blocks and items in Minecraft. You can find a more detailed list for each new feature further down on this page.

It’s primarily the textures which have been changed. The behaviors are pretty much the same, except for the eggs. Those are actually shulkers and can be repainted with dyes.

The Easter Bunny is an iron golem and can be spawned by building a T-shaped structure out of four iron blocks and then an Easter block on top.


Colored eggs (replaces dyes)

Easter egg (place on ground as a decoration, use dye to paint a different color) (replaces shulker)

Easter grass (replaces grass)

Easter egg tree (replaces fern)

The Easter Bunny (replaces iron golem)

Chicks (replaces chicken)

Candy (Pez, Hershey’s Kiss, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, Lollipop, Jellybeans, Chocolate Bunny) (replaces food items)

Bunny Block

Easter Block / Glowing Easter Block (replaces pumpkin blocks)

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