Custom Floating Text

Floating text is a very useful feature for servers and maps. Unfortunately though, it’s mainly just available by coding third-party plugins or mods. This add-on gives you the ability to make custom floating text in any way in your Minecraft worlds. However, there are certainly some limits and there is definitely some room for improvements.

How Does it Work?

First off, you will need to obtain a name tag with the proper text which you want to display. For that you will need an Anvil and a Name Tag. In this case, I chose to name it “The Nether”.

Next, you will need to spawn the floating text entity. To do this either get the Custom Floating Text item from your inventory or type /summon custom:floating_text.

Use the Name Tag on the floating text entity to create the floating text. The floating text entity is invisible and to name it you have to be looking at the exact center of the block.

To make the text floating, place a block in the air and spawn the floating text on it. Then destroy the block you just placed and it'll be floating.