This addon replaces some of the item, blocks and mobs in-game with things related to Christmas. It’s really useful if you want to get into Christmas spirit and spread a feeling of Christmas in your worlds. You’ll be able to decorate your builds with Christmas trees, presents and much more. And if you’re lucky, you’ll even find Santa!

Christmas trees, gingerbread, Santa, presents and reindeers are some of the new things added.

The Shulker is replaced by a Christmas Tree. Use dyes to dye it into a different color.


Christmas Trees (replaces Shulker Mob)
Some dyes can be used on a Christmas Tree change the leaf colors and lights
Santa (replaces Iron Golem)
Presents (replaces Trapped Chest)
Raindeer (replaces Horse when saddled)
Christmas Lights (replaces Cobweb)
Christmas Villager (replaces by Villager)