Better Vanilla

This addon adds features that should be part of vanilla Minecraft, but isn’t. There are also lots of blocks that are not even accessible in creative, but you can obtain them using this addon. There is also a slider you can use for changing the color of enchanted items. Trade a Cleric (villager) to receive Barrier Blocks, and then use those to trade with a Toolsmith to get Invisible Bedrock which is an indestructible block even in creative mode.


Barrier Block (Replaces Bedrock)
Redstone Armor (Replaces Chain Armor)
Chalkboards (Replace Mob Skulls)
White Sand (Replaces Unused Stone ID)
Bamboo (Replaces Unused Sugar Cane ID)
Colored Enchantments Slider
Smooth Stone, Sandstone, Red Sandstone, and Quartz (Replace double stone/sandstone/red sandstone/quartz slabs)
Players can sit on other Player’s Sholders)
Changed Panorama to Sunset