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There are many features missing from Minecraft that would make the game so much more enjoyable. This Addon adds some of those missing items and blocks to the game.

How Does it Work?

Pretty much none of the features included replace anything in the game, it's all unused item and block IDs. For example, the new swords are flowers, but they have new behaviors.

To get most of the items, you'll have to trade with the Advanced Block and Item seller villagers (They will be orange). For the new Bone Blocks you'll have to type these exact commands:

Wither: /setblock ~ ~ ~ bone_block 1

Stray: /setblock ~ ~ ~ bone_block 2


Emerald Sword - 7 Attack Damage

Redstone Sword - 5 Attack Damage

Lapis Sword - 7 Attack Damage

Quartz Sword - 5 Attack Damage

Ruby Sword - 6 Attack Damage

Aquatic Sword - 8 Attack Damage, Conduit Powers

Blaze Sword - 8 Attack Damage, Fire Resistance

Power Gem:

To obtain the magical Power Gem, you must first collect the other key gems. You can get them by killing Witches, Iron Golems, Elder Guardians, and the Wither. Once you have all four colors (red, yellow, green, and blue), you can trade with the Advanced Item Seller to combine them and create the Power Gem. When held in your hand, the Power Gem will give you almost every good effect in Minecraft.


Wither Bonemeal will make you not take damage from the Wither effect. Stray Bonemeal will make you not take damage from other arrows. You can craft them together to make regular Bonemeal.


New Swords (yellow_flower 1, 6-10, 15)
Key Gems and the Power Gem (red_flower 9-15)
Wither and Stray Bones (dropped by their type of Skeleton) and Bonemeal (yellow_flower 2-3, sapling 6-7,)
White Sand (purpur_block 3)
Block of Steel (purpur_block 1)
Rough Diamond and Emeralds, and Polished Diamonds and Emeralds (diamond, emerald, yellow_flower 4-5)
Chisel (yellow_flower 11)
Flashlight (yellow_flower 12)
Rough and Polished Ruby (yellow_flower 13-14)
Block of Flesh, Ash, Blaze, and Granite, Andesite, and Diorite Bricks (monster_egg 0-5)
Block of Ruby (quartz_block 3)
Block of Leather (stone 7)


Installation Guide:

Once the pack is downloaded, click on the file and it will automatically import into Minecraft.

If you are on iOS:

Open the file with the Notes app, then from there you will be able to select "Open in Minecraft."

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